Starting a coffee house ain't easy, but it sho is fun.




When we walk into each other’s homes we don’t knock, we open the door and quickly follow with an: “it’s me!”. We know each other’s voices and our homes have become one another’s. Conversations ebb and flow through the wildest range of topics, often accompanied by appropriately inserted renditions of Mitch Hedberg. At some point, somebody abruptly says “coffee?” and everyone looks up, blurbing out yesses or some form of nod and emphatic eyebrow raise that somehow means the same thing. Slowly, with coffee in hand, we begin to discuss more serious matters: Should we cook together tonight? Perhaps we should make a fire or take pictures together while the light is still good? On that note, when are we going camping next?. Sometimes the days turn into art sessions or fine baking, sometimes work spills onto our off-days or travel keep us away. One thing we know for sure is that we have a home. A familiar place that encourages creativity, works together, and erupts in knee-slapping laughter. For us, creating Silver Grizzly Espresso was like creating a home for the community. A place for creatives and connoisseurs alike. If you come by let yourself in - the door is unlocked.


The black hole of enlightenment, coffee, science, art, and extreme nerdiness.

Our journey into the world of coffee began as a personal one. Our travels allowed us to experience coffees that made us question whether the thick, bitter, stick taste we were accustomed too was how coffee was supposed to taste. We could taste fruit in these coffees, spices, chocolate, and even some floral notes. These realizations propelled us into years of hobby-like work behind espresso bars, craft roasting, and even barista school. What came out on the other side was Silver Grizzly Espresso’s approach to coffee: an approach of respect, scientific precision, and artistic expression. You may walk into our shop needing a caffeine fix or you may be looking for a complex symphony of flavors, either way our goal is to serve you an approachable cup of coffee.


The folks Behind The Bear

Connor Walters

Connor Walters

Vincent Purvis

David Samford

Vance Freeman