Ethiopian Chericho
Ethiopian Chericho

Ethiopian Chericho

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Honeysuckle, Pink Lemonade, Melon. Very clean.


Washing Station: Yaye 
Processing: Washed
Region: Chericho 
Variety:  74110, 74158 
Elevation: 6500 ft 


Relational trade via Cataylst Trade


A note from our importer: 

The Arbegona area is one of the highest coffee-growing elevations in Ethiopia, and it shows in the slower ripening, dense, and tiny beans which make for really brilliant cupping profiles–sweet, sparkling and vibrant. But of course, there’s more involved in this fascinating cup profile than altitude and temperature!

Coffee this lovely starts with red, ripe cherries that are density-sorted at the washing station to separate out unripe and lower density cherries before they

move on to the next processing step. Yaye washing station is a brand-new site operated in partnership between its owner, Mr. Faysel Abdosh, and the Catalyst Trade team. Beyond coffee, Mr. Abdosh is deeply involved in community work. His foundation’s objective is to help raise awareness of the obstacles the people in coffee growing areas deal with on a daily basis: lack of infrastructure, minimal electricity and often no basic medical aid. Many coffee producers and their families struggle to make ends meet. Faysel, working with other benefactors, is making a real difference in the rural areas of Ethiopia. Among their projects are 2 primary schools in the Aricha area of Yirgacheffe along with a water pipeline in the Shantawene area, and a comprehensive high school in Hamasho village.