Rwanda Cyiya Community

Rwanda Cyiya Community

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Tasting Notes: Sundried Tomato, Herbacious, Molasses
Body: Medium wt.
Washing Station: Jarama
Farm: Cyiya community (small lot farmers)
Processing: Washed
Region: Nyamasheke
Variety: Bourbon
Elevation: 6,400 ft

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From the Kivubelt group in western Rwanda, this coffee comes from the Jarama Coffee Washing Station (CWS), one of two processing sites the Kivubelt company operates. Cyiya is a small community with a high elevation and distinct forest influence that contribute great potential to the coffee. Thanks to the farmers making the most of this potential, Cyiya’s coffee is annually among the top lots processed by the Jarama CWS.   Kivubelt was established in 2011 by Furaha Umwizey, after returning to Rwanda with a master’s degree in economics from Switzerland. Born and raised in Rwanda, Umwizey’s goal with Kivubelt is to create a model coffee plantation, as sustainable in agriculture as it is impactful in local employment and empowerment. The company began with 200 scattered acres of farmland in Gihombo, a community in Rwanda’s coffee-famous Nyamasheke district that runs along the breathtaking central shoreline of Lake Kivu. Under Umwizey’s leadership, Kivubelt has planted 90,000 coffee trees on their estates, which now employ more than 400 people during harvest months and is a kind of coffee vocational school for local smallholders interested in improving their farming. This specific coffee was picked across March, April, and May of 2020 by 100 local smallholder farmers from Cyiya.