Colombia El Huila - William Salazar

Colombia El Huila - William Salazar

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Vanilla, Tropical, Chocolate


Farmer: William Salazar
Processing: Washed 
Region: Cauca
Farm/Washing Station: El Huila 
Variety: Caturra
Elevation: 6,200 ft 


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William is the third generation of coffee producers from the Salazar family and has dedicated his university studies to agro engineering. His graduate thesis paper was focused on investigations in post harvest methodology of coffee processing in variable climate conditions. William has taken his family farm under his supervision since 2014, while also doing freelance consulting on other crop integration in northern Cauca.  The Salazar family produces bright, sweet, and complex washed Caturra and Castillo coffee and have also experimented with Naturals and Honey processing. 

The farm El Huila has 3 lots of 1.5 hectares each at different elevations with the micro ecological wet mill installed at the highest elevation point of the farm.  William dries all the farm’s coffee in a parabolic dryer strategically located at the most open air area of the farm where the coffee receives enough ventilation with warm currents while drying. William is planning to plant some additional varieties on his farm in the coming years and improve the nutrition to keep the coffee trees more healthy and resistant to climate changes. 

El Huila is located near the Tierradentro National Archeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The land around Tierradentro is rich with history dating back to pre-Columbian civilizations and its topography and climate conditions make it well suited to growing many crops.