Guatemala Vista Al Bosque

Guatemala Vista Al Bosque

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Orange, Cream, Chocolate, Stone Fruit. Medium Body


Farmer: Wilmar Castillo
Processing: Washed
Region: Huehuetenango
Farm/Washing Station: Vista Al Bosque
Variety:  Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Elevation: 6,200 ft 


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Wilmar Castillo’s been working in coffee more or less since he was six years old. Tagging along with his father and three older brothers, the family worked on farms from their home in La Libertad throughout Huehuetenango. Some of the earliest memories Wilmar shares include his father’s passion and care for coffee. Everything he learned during those hard years he attributes to his success now, and he is set on providing a brighter future for his family.

Looking back, Wilmar knew he would end up in Hoja Blanca. Stories were passed around about this little valley, folks calling it a blessed land. He finally convinced the family to move about 14 years ago, and is so glad for that. Vista Al Bosque (Overlooking the Forest) sits along the verdant ridges of the valley neighboring two of his brother’s lots, and Wilmar manages the land along with his wife and teenage son. He and the family are an absolute joy to work with-- Wilmar is quality focused, affable, and hilarious. And it doesn't hurt that the coffee slays every season, with deep chocolates, orange and lemon citrus, vanilla, stone fruits cooling into raisin.