Simple Brew Pot

Simple Brew Pot

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The simple brew pot is excellent for brewing a single cup of tea or tea concentrate if you prefer to serve it over ice. There's plenty of space for tea to interact with water for an even extraction.

- Stainless steel lid 
- Easy decanting
- dishwasher safe / Easy to clean


Depending on the tea, we use 4-7 grams of tea to 300 grams of water and brew for 3 minutes. Although we can't cover the exact temperature you'll need for every tea here, using this as a general rule will help you: generally, light teas require  175F - 185F and dark teas require 195F-205F. Herbal teas can be brewed at 205F. 


We also recommend the Hario Scale or Acai Pearl Scale to weigh your tea and water.